Gold Metal Detector Price

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Gold Detector Price

Gold Metal Detectors

Here is a collection of outstanding gold metal detectors for prospecting.

Must have gold prospecting tools

2 thoughts on “Gold Metal Detector Price

  1. Soudeh khodaparast

    Do you have an office that I can come and test some of the best brands of gold detectors to make decision for buy one of the best?I prefer digital one that shows deep and it has monitor, thanc

    1. Admin Post author


      Sorry most sales of these kinds of products have gone exclusively to being sold online. We do rent metal detectors and people have done that to see if they like the machine before buying. However, we only carry the White’s GMT for gold specifically. It takes a good month to really learn the machine and what the sounds mean out in the field in different conditions. Digital read outs for depth are an estimation, you can tell by the sound if the target is on the surface or deeper. This is an example of learning what the machine is telling you by using it in different conditions. The major brands all are very good and the really expensive machines by Minelab have been the choice of miners in Africa, Australia and have proven results in treacherous conditions that are well documented online by owners of these machines.


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